Integrated Healing & Childhood Trauma

No matter your age, Integrated Healing can help to release childhood trauma in an extremely gentle and sensitive way.


The experiences we have in childhood programme our subconscious mind and these programmes accompany us into adulthood.


Traumatic experiences such as bereavement, abuse or bullying can stay with us for a lifetime if we do not address them. And even though we may have formulated various coping strategies over the years, these experiences still constitute a significant source of stress to our minds and bodies.


As children, we are very susceptible to believing what our parents, teachers or peers tell us about ourselves. If we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by a positive, supportive environment when we are growing up, this can be a great thing. If, however, we are programmed to believe that we are stupid / too fat / not good enough / not valued / not worth listening to, then this can cause us problems throughout our adult lives.


These subconscious programmes become that negative voice inside our head which holds us back in life because we tell ourself that we can't / shouldn't / aren't worthy of doing or having what we really want in life.


If left unresolved, traumatic and difficult childhood memories can eventually manifest physically in the form of ill health, lack of contentment and lack of self confidence.


A key benefit of Integrated Healing is that it is not necessary to go into details (or indeed even to talk at all) about a trauma or experience.


Integrated Healing allows us to work safely with your mind and body to identify and release any childhood issues still affecting you today. This in turn allows the body's natural healing abilities to flow freely to restore balance and peace.